5 Facts about Home Fire Sprinkler Systems

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residential fire protectionOver 2,500 deaths occur at home each year, and eight out of ten of those deaths are caused by fire.  

State Fire Marshal Brian Geraci said, "Most home fire deaths can be eliminated with the installation of residential fire sprinklers.  The advantage of having fire sprinklers in your home far surpasses the ability of a working smoke alarm alone.  A smoke alarm will notify you of a fire, however a fire sprinkler can react and in most cases extinguish a fire before it reaches excessive heat and lethal doses of carbon monoxide as well as other dangerous toxins released during an uncontrolled fire."

Here are 5 facts you might not have known about home fire sprinklers.

1.  Smoke does not activate fire sprinklers.  Temperatures of 135 to 165 degrees activate fire sprinklers.

2.  Fire sprinklers almost always extinguish or contain the fire BEFORE fire departments even arrive.

3.  Fire sprinklers are environmentally friendly.  They use about 91% less water than fire departments fighting the fire.

4.  Homeowners can save between 5% and 30% on their home insurance when they have fire sprinklers installed.

5.  Home fire sprinklers are easy to maintain.  The homeowner can be trained on how to inspect and maintain them.  Another even easier option is to have a fire protection contractor come in annually to inspect and maintain them.

Fire sprinklers provide safety in the home that nothing else can.  To learn more about residential fire protection in Illinois, call 847-498-4800 and ask to speak with Fire Protection North.