Top 3 Causes of New Home Fire Growth

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new home fire protectionWith the recent Maryland mansion fire tragedy, new home fire hazards are coming to light.  These are our top three reasons that new home fires are growing out of control.

1.  Light-weight construction materials - They are much more flammable than sturdier construction materials and can collapse easier, making the fire fighter more difficult.

2.  Open floor plan - The open floor plan provides no barriers for fires and allows the fire to spread more easily.

3.  Flammable furniture - Furniture from decades past were made of more natural materials; it burned at a slower rate than the synthetic material that furniture is made of now. 

With the additional hazards of new construction, it is necessary to install fire sprinklers in new homes.  Fire sprinkler systems are 96% effective in containing or extinguishing a fire at its point of origin.  Be safe, and choose fire sprinklers when building a new home.