Fire Sprinkler Saves Downtown Yuma Restaurant

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fire sprinklers for commercial propertiesYuma, AZ -- For the second time this year, fire sprinklers extinguished a fire in a commercial building in downtown Yuma.

The Yuma Fire Department was called to the scene at 2am on Monday when they got a water flow alarm at the Prison Hill Brewing Company.  By the time firefighters arrived, the fire had been mostly extinguished by a single fire sprinkler head.

The fire was contained to a container of rags where the fire originated.

Mike Erfert, Yuma Fire Department Spokesman explained that this fire and others like it illustrates the importance of sprinkler systems.  The fire easily could have spread from building to building.

Fire Sprinklers systems keep blazes in check.  Erfert said that fires can double in size for every minute that it lives.

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