Teen Girl Saved by Home Fire Sprinklers

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residential fire protectionDerry, NH -- A teen girl was saved when residential fire sprinklers activated, containing a garage fire.

Neighbors saw the flames and called 9-1-1.  When firefighters arrived, they found flames engulfing the garage and starting to spread to the 2.5 story wood-frame home.  The garage roof collapsed, making fighting the fire difficult.  Another point of difficulty, is the fire sprinklers ran out of water while firefighters were fighting the fire.

A fourteen year old girl was home at the time of the fire in the basement.  Her only basement exit was blocked off by piles of snow.  The fire sprinklers bought her enough time to go out the front door.

No one was injured by the fire and firefighters were able to rescue a dog in the home, who was also uninjured.

The home's living area had some smoke and water damage and needs to be cleaned before it can be inhabitable again.  The garage was destroyed along with all of its contents.  The damages total approximately $150k.