Illinois Nursing Home Saved by Fire Sprinklers

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nursing home fire sprinklersDes Plaines, IL -- A fire broke out at a Des Plaines nursing home this week, but was saved by fire sprinklers.

The fire broke out at 8:15am on Thursday in a second floor unit at the long-term care facility.  "It was confined to that one unit, and actually contained by fire sprinklers.  I would hate to think what would have happened if there wasn't a sprinkler in there," said North Maine Fire Protection District Chief Rick Dobrowski.  F.E. Moran Fire Protection is proud to say that they retrofitted the fire sprinklers in this facility.

The person inside the unit had some injuries, but no word on the extent.

Chief Dobrowksi continued, "We were able to move everybody from the wing where this fire occurred to different areas of the building where they were assessed by the nursing staff here."