Park Ridge Home Saved by Fire Sprinkler

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home fire sprinklersPark Ridge, IL -- On February 21, two fire sprinklers activated when a fire ignited in a Park Ridge home.

Park Ridge Fire Marshal Kevin Plach believes that the fire sprinklers prevented a possibility of $80k in damages.

"There were 105 residential fire deaths in Illinois in 2014, and there already have been 14 residential fire deaths this year.  Fortunately, this fire will not add to that list thanks to the quick response of home fire sprinklers," said Tom Lia, Executive Director of the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board.  "The successful activation of the fire sprinkler system is a perfect example of why all communities in Illinois need to consider fire sprinkler protection in homes."

Park Ridge is one of one hundred Illinois communities that have fire sprinkler laws for new construction.  Park Ridge enacted their requirement in 2001.  They were the 7th community in Illinois to do so.