Barnard Dorm Saved by Fire Sprinklers

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fire sprinkler saves dormNew York -- A two alarm fire at the Barnard College dorm could have turned out much worse if it wasn't for the fire sprinklers that kept the fire in check.

The fire started on the first first floor in Ollie's restaurant around 11pm.  It is unclear if Ollie's restaurant had fire sprinklers.  The fire moved from the restaurant to the first floor of the dorm where fire sprinklers kept it in check.

The restaurant was badly destroyed and 200 students were evacuated.  Residents were permitted access to the buildings by 8am this morning.  However, there was no heat, hot water, or gas service yet.

Five people are being treated for minor injuries.  The building did not sustain any structural damage.  However, the fire sprinklers are now offline while the heads get replaced.