4 Homes Damaged in Brooklyn Fire

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residential fireBrooklyn, NY -- A fire in Brooklyn left four homes badly damaged.

The blaze broke out at 2:20pm in the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn.  A row of semi-detached homes that back up to a canal were surrounded by thick black plumes of smoke and flames.

The fire went to 4 alarms, bringing 39 units and 175 firefighters to the scene.  Six firefighters were injured and three homes were badly damaged.

The cause of the fire is under investgiation.  Firefighters were not able to enter the buildings yet.

Neighbors report that the neighborhood was barely visible beyond the smoke.  "It was like a black fog.  You couldn't see anything," said Adine Hamlin.  "All I saw was a young man with his dog, barefooted and sitting outside, and I knew something was wrong.  I just asked if he called 911."