Sprinkler Save: Home Saved by Sprinklers After Grease Fire

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Harrisonburg, VA -- Let's start the week right, with a fire sprinkler save!  In Virginia, a fire sprinkler saved a home after a grease fire ignited.

On Monday, January 9, firefighters responded to a water discharge alarm when a fire sprinkler head activated at an apartment complex.  A grease fire had started on a stove, but was already extinguished by the time firefighters arrived.

While you do not want to put water on a grease fire (they extinguish best through suffocation.  Put a lid on the pan), fire sprinklers have enough water to do the trick.

Captain Mike Armstrong said, "The amount of water that is being put out [of a fire sprinkler] far exceeds what you or I would put on that pan, so the system will suppress the fire."

Fire sprinklers aren't required, but the apartment complex added them for safety.  As a result, the complex saved money in this emergency.  The fire could have easily grown out of control.

"In the case of residential sprinkler systems, fire damage and cost, is reduced one tenth to one twentieth, so you're talking 10 to 20 times less damage and cost in the end," said Armstrong. 

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