Fatal Chicago High-rise Fire in Building that Passed Life Safety Evacuation

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high-rise fire protectionChicago, IL -- A seventy year old man was killed in a high-rise fire that occurred in a building that passed the life safety evaluation.

The fire happened when the man was using an oxygen tank in bed.

This South Damen, 21-story high rise passed the city's Life Safety Evaluation.  However, the owners chose not to install fire sprinklers.  The city of Chicago requires that all buildings built pre-1975 pass the Life Safety Evaluation if they don't have fire sprinklers.  However, it is clear that the Life Safety Evaluation isn't enough.

"This tragic fire is another example of how the city's LSE leaves residents just as vulnerable in residential high-rises where no fire sprinklers are present.  Although the LSE measures aim to avoid the spread of fire from unit to unit, it does nothing to protect the individuals in the unit of a fire's origin, essentially writing off those residents' lives," said Tom Lia, executive director of the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board.

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