An Industrial Park in Peoria Gets an Upgrade, Becomes Cooperage 214

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An Industrial Park in Peoria Gets an Upgrade

Peoria, IL - Remember that neighborhood near Pecan Street that was just warehouses in Peoria? Well, it's no more. This area now has a cool industrial vibe. One former barrel-making facility is now Cooperage 214 at 214 Pecan Street. This was just one of many warehouses and industrial buildings that will be repurposed into mixed-use commercial and residential properties in this area. F.E. Moran Fire Protection, Morton Office was excited to work with The Kim Group on this fun project.

Cooperage 214 was developed by The Kim Group, engineered by The Farnsworth Group, the GC was River City Construction, and the fire protection was completed by F.E. Moran Fire Protection with Dan Kesner as the Project Manager. They have worked with this group of professionals on previous projects. They worked well together and looked forward to working with them on Cooperage 214.

We started working on the project in June and wrapped up earlier this month. Cooperage 214 now is fully protected with wet-pipe systems, installed exposed to go with the industrial look of this space.

The building had a ribbon cutting ceremony in Peoria and F.E. Moran Fire Protection, Morton Office got to attend! See the pictures here.

Writer: Sarah Block, Director of Marketing & Education for The Moran Group
Contributor:  Dan Kesner,  Estimator for F.E. Moran Fire Protection National

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