Fires in History: Indianapolis Athletic Club

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Indianapolis Athletic CLubIf you were in Indianapolis and you were someone, you stayed at the Indianapolis Athletic Club. Frequented by Presidents, Olympians, and entertainers, this establishment was the epitome of excellence - that was, until February 5, 1992. A fire, sparked by a barroom mini-refrigerator, grew out of control and killed three people because of a perfect set of terrible circumstances.


The Scene

Built in 1922, the Indianapolis Athletic Club was an elegant, private hotel and athletic club for the elite. It was 9 stories with 23 banquet rooms, 4 stairways, several lounges, and athletic facilities that included a basketball court, racquetball court, squash court, jogging track, swimming pool, and fitness center. Guests stayed on floors 5 through 8 and office and meeting rooms were on floor 9.

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