Fire Rips Through Georgia Apartment Building

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Illinois residential fire sprinklersMacon, GA -- The Warner Robins Fire Department was called to the scene of a fire on Tuesday at 2am when an apartment fire was raging.

The fire department released a press release stating that the fire ripped through building F and traveled through a breezeway to another building.  Firefighters extinguished the blaze, but the building was a total loss.  Eight apartments were destroyed in the fire.

One woman explained her experience. "We didn't see anything but smoke and I ran through the house trying to see what was on fire, and we couldn't find anything.  We opened the front door and flames [were] just right in front of our face," said Marisha Moore, a resident at the complex.

She and her husband began alerting their neighbors of the blaze.  Some tenants had only two options, jump or die.

"Two ladies were still up there and they were trapped in the fire to where they had to jump off their balcony to get away from the fire," Moore continued.

Moore has only one regret, "Well today, me and my husband are celebrating our one month anniversary.  So what means a lot to me is my wedding dress."  She hoped to pass it down to her future daughter, but it was a loss.

No injuries or deaths were reported.