Library Fire Sprinkler with No Water Connection; Pipes Stolen

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library fire sprinkler

Montana -- A contract employee installed a fire sprinkler system at the Montana State University library and promptly stole the piping and sold it for $82.55.

The contract employee was charged with theft and embezzlement - a felony.

The man was a foreman on the job and took the pipe that was supposed to be installed for the fire sprinkler and sold it to the recycling company, and he threw away any he couldn't sell.

On August 15, the job was deemed complete after tests by the state fire marshal's office, an alarm company and the fire department were completed.  A few days later, a library employee noticed that pipes were missing from the ceiling connecting to the sprinkler heads.  After looking into it further, they found that fire sprinklers were installed in the ceilings on the first floor, but no pipes were connected to the water feed.     

The contractor's bond is set at $30,000.  For $82.50, he now is facing jail time and a $30,000 bond. 

Choose your fire protection contractors carefully! 

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