News in Fire & Construction: Weekend Round-up

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fire and construction newsWhile you were enjoying the weekend, you may have missed what happened in the world of fire. Here is our weekend round-up of what was in the news of fire and construction.

House Fire Injures 5

Washington DC - A thirteen year old boy and 9 year old girl were trapped in a bedroom when a fire ignited in their home. The boy called 911, informing the dispatcher that it was too hot to attempt an escape.

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8 Units in Condo Complex Destroyed

Washington - A three alarm fire destroyed 8 condos in a Washington complex - an entire building. The building did not have fire sprinklers, which would have likely stopped the spread of the fire at the point of origin.

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A Second Fire Safety Bill Launched in NJ

New Jersey - After the devastating fire at Avalon at Edgewater, a state senator is proposing a second bill to tighten building standards and improve fire safety.

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