Weekend Round-up: Fires in the News

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Illinois fire protection contractorCheck out F.E. Moran Fire Protection's weekend round-up of fires in the news. 

Plumbers Spark 3-alarm Fire at Motel

El Paso, TX -- A three alarm fire was ignited when plumbers accidently lit a fire and then tried to extinguish it with fire extinguishers.  When the fire got out of control, they called 911, but at that point, the fire was taking over.

It took firefighters seven hours to extinguish the fire.  30% of the building was damaged.

Woman Dies in House Fire Days Before Moving Out

Dayton, OH -- A woman died in a fire that destroyed her home a few days before she was supposed to move out.  Seven people were able to escape the fire.

The home was sold and the new owners were supposed to move in on Friday.  Unfortunately, they had not yet purchased homeowner's insurance, and the house is a total loss.

Illinois Candle Plant Fire Causes $1M in Damages 

Batavia, IL -- A fire at an Illinois Candle Manufacturing Plant caused $1 million in damage and injured 2 firefighters.

The fire department was alerted of the fire by an automatic alarm.  It was difficult to fight because of the size and layout of the building, which was 500,000 square feet.  The point of origin took a long time to find.