Sprinkler Save: NY Mall Fire Squelched by Fire Sprinklers

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mall fire

New York -- A fire sprinkler kept a mall fire in check at the Southside Mall in New York.

The fire ignited in a service room.  The fire sprinklers extinguished the flames, and the mall was able to open the same as usual.

Fire crews responded to the fire at 4am when they received multiple alarms from the alarm company.  The crew arrived minutes later.  When they arrived, they checked the buildings at the property.  Water was coming out of the doorway of one of the structures.  The room had three sprinkler heads activate.  The water suppressed that blaze and fire crews used a fire extinguisher to get the last bit in check.

"It was a small incident," said Luisa Montanti, general manager of the mall.  The sprinkler heads were replaced and the electrical panels were being checked.

The incident happened at 4am, and by 6:15am everything was back to normal. 

No one was injured in the fire.  The fire is under investigation. 

F.E. Moran Fire Protection knows malls are especially susceptible to fire.  There are multiple tenants that could have a wide array of fire hazards that no one really knows about.  In addition, the mall is open to the public, allowing anyone to come in, including people who might make the mistake of disposing their cigarette incorrectly or an arsonist.  We provide free inspections to malls because there are so many people at risk when a fire ignites at this type of property.  Learn more about our free fire sprinkler inspection package here. 


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