Fire Sprinkler Contains Senior Living Highrise Fire

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senior living fire sprinklersA fire Sunday morning at a senior living facility was contained by a single sprinkler head.

The Hibbing Fire Department reported that they arrived shortly after 6am.  When they arrived they found an automatic fire alarm triggered and a single sprinkler head contained the fire.  Smoke was coming from the kitchen vent and tenants were evacuating.

Once crews entered the building, they found smoke, but the fire - which was in a banquet room - was contained down to a smolder.  Crews put out the smoldering materials and ventilated the smoke from the room.

In just over an hour, tenants were filing back into the building.

The fire was caused by a steam table overheating and catching a wood buffet table on fire.

Hibbing Fire Marshal Bryan Fagerstrom said, "The sprinkler system in this fire was serviced and maintained per code and did exactly as it should by containing the fire and keeping it from spreading."