Fire Sprinkler Credited with Knocking out Fire

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commercial fire protection contractorPortland, OR -- A fire sprinkler is credited with saving a business in Wilsonville when a fire ignited.  The fire had potential to cause massive damage with the fire fuel in the building, but the fire sprinklers knocked it out.

Fire crews arrived right before 6am when they received reports that  a fire started in a paint room at OrePac.  The initial report stated that the paint room had a gas line, paint products, air guns, and pressure tanks - major hazards for firefighters and workers.

Firefighters arrived on the scene to find light smoke coming from the industrial building.  However, thanks to a fire sprinkler in the paint room and employees using fire extinguishers, the fire was already extinguished when firefighters arrived.

The fire ignited from improperly disposed of rags that were used for staining.  It was spontaneous combustion.

The fire sprinklers did their job so well that no repairs will be necessary.