Sprinkler Success: Cooking Oil on Stove Starts Fire, Sprinkler Activates

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residential fire protectionYakima, WA -- A sprinkler system saved an apartment complex when it activated following a cooking oil fire.

Firefighters responded to an apartment fire around 6pm last night.  However, when crews arrived, they didn't see flames, they found an activated fire sprinkler.

The fire started when cooking oil caught fire after being left on the stove.  

Residents self evacuated.  Firefighters say the fire could have gone much differently had their not been working smoke detectors and fire sprinklers.

"The fire was pretty much knocked; the fire sprinklers had put it out.  Lives could have been lost without this fire sprinkler system, without smoke detectors there is no early detection," said Jeff Pfaff, a representative from the Yakima Fire Department.

The damage was limited to about $50k, with no structural or exterior damage.