Cigarettes and Oxygen Tanks Do Not Mix

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apartment fireA massive explosion at an apartment complex was caused by a cigarette being lit next to an oxygen tank.

The explosion injured 1 woman and killed 1 man.  The explosion happened Thursday morning at 7:40am when 65-year old Jeffrey Lockhart lit a cigarette near the oxygen tank.  A fierce explosion followed, causing Lockhart to die instantly.

Sandusky Fire Marshal Steve Rucker said, "It's fuel for a fire.  If you have a spark for that oxygen and the right concentration, you are going to get an explosion."

Frantic callers began calling in, "I need a fire department at 214 Perry St!  There is a fire.  Please hurry!"  Another caller stated that the fire, "blew out the windows and everything."

The explosion prompted a blaze at the apartment building.  Firefighters were able to contain the fire from spreading quickly.

Some units are not livable following the fire.  Those residents will be working with the American Red Cross.

Deb Jones, a resident in the apartment warned, "We had talked to him about smoking with that oxygen tank on.  I even talked to him last night and now he's gone."