Weekend Round-up: Fires, Construction, and Safety

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fire and construction newsCheck out our weekend round-up of news from around the web.  Topics include fires, construction, and construction safety.  Enjoy!

Elementary School Fire | Beaumont, TX

An elementary school was saved by fire sprinklers on Friday morning when a fire erupted at 6am.  When the custodian arrived at work, he found smoke and water from the fire sprinkler coming from the building.  The fire sprinklers extinguished the fire before firefighters arrived.

Contractor Fined for Construction Worker Death | Staten Island, NY

A contractor in Staten Island was given a $121,000 fine on Thursday for the death of a construction worker crushed to death during demolition work.

Tennessee Fire Marshal Pushing for Building Code Expansion | Knoxville, TN

The Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office wrapped up Building Safety Month.  It was a campaign to raise awareness of public safety issues in buildings.  A special focus was put on the importance of fire sprinklers.  The Fire Marshal is quoted as saying, "People should seriously consider having sprinklers in the home because it is among the first line of defense in someone's home."