20 Homes Damaged in 6-Alarm Fire

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residential fire protectionHamilton, NJ -- A fire ignited when roofers were using a blow torch on a roof.  20 homes were damaged.

"It moved fast," said Hamilton Fire Chief Thomas Gribbins. "We ran out of personnel quickly.  We couldn't get them on scene fast enough, that's how fast it was running."

Resident Marsha Jackson said, "It started like four doors down.  By the time we got out and got the dog out it was already at my house.  That fast."

Another resident, Alice Leach said, "I walked out and then I turned around and I just was overwhelmed with what I saw."

The firefighting efforts were hampered because there was a 3-alarm fire two hours earlier.  The firefighters were exhausted from that when they arrived at the second fire.

"You got two multiple alarm fires and the guys are already pretty much spent from the first one," Gribbins said.

175 firefighters from multiple counties came to help fight the fire.

Sixty people are displaced.

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