Massive Fire Destroys Lake Samish Homes

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residential fire protectionLake Samish, WA -- A three-alarm fire destroyed two homes and a mobile home in Lake Samish.

The fire started at the mobile home.  The fire started when the tenants were in Barcelona and friends were house sitting.  The house sitters were on the lake at the time and not near the house.

Passerbyers saw smoke coming from the mobile home and tried to warn anybody that could be inside.  "There was nobody in there," said Rachel Cook, 21.  "I was screaming, 'Get out!'"

Other nearby residents grabbed garden hoses and stood on roofs, trying to stop the fire from spreading.  However, stiff winds and dry trees intensified the fire.

Over 12 fire engines and 40 firefighters arrived at the scene.  The street had no fire hydrants, so fire crews brought in water tenders. 

The flaming embers were wind swept to three homes.  One only sustained $5k in damages, while the two nearest homes were complete losses at $26k and $120k in damages.  The mobile home was also destroyed.

Luckily, no one was hurt and the dog that lived in the mobile home was rescued.

Maddie Henley, a friend of the tenants, said, "At least their dog was safe.  That's like their child, their dog-child."

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