5 Cool Construction Gadgets

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5 Cool Gadgets for ConstructionConstruction workers, project managers, and maintenance managers never have the same day twice.  You might be out in the field one day and sitting at your computer the next.  Not only that, you're doing something different all the time.  That is why gadgets that make life easier is key.  Check out our top 5 cool gadgets for construction.

1.  Solar Power Charger - First and foremost, you need to keep your gadgets charged.  That is why this solar power charger is first on the list.  It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof (and cheap).

2.  Pocket Projector - This device attaches to your phone to project anything that you need a group to see on your phone.  How great would this be at job sites?

3.  Wearable Camera Drone - Perfect for when you're doing a site walk through or inspection, this wearable camera drone will capture everything you see.  You wear it on your wrist.  To activate, you flick your wrist, and it flies.  Pretty cool, huh?

4.  Wireless Headphones - Because you need to jam as you work and you don't want wires getting in the way.

5.  Cell Phone Car Mount - When you're travelling for work, you need a good cell phone mount for your car.  Check out this top ten list of the best cell phone mounts by Mashable.