Illegal Fireworks in CA Caused Fires and Injuries

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illegal fireworks cause fires in CaliforniaLos Angeles, CA -- Illegal fireworks are to blame for fires that ignited throughout California, causing injury and property damage.

The illegal fireworks ignited fires that threatened homes, destroyed property, and caused an explosion at a block party.  In one incident, a man was arrested for setting off a large mortar during a block party.  The mortar fell and shot fireworks into the crowd of people.  Several people were hit and at least five were taken to the hospital.  One child had to be flown to the San Francisco Bay hospital.

"This incident is a grim reminder of the dangers of fireworks.  Some of these children will be scarred for life," said Hollister's police chief David Westrick.  A 35-year old man admitted guilt in the incident and was arrested.

Another incident occurred in Los Angeles.  A group of young men were shooting illegal fireworks into a mattress, propped against a warehouse.  The mattress caught fire.  The fire then spread to the warehouse, where it caused $3 million in damages.  The warehouse is a total loss.

Another firework related fire occurred in Northern California.  Illegal fireworks were shot and the embers started a wildfire that burned 320 acres, threatening homes.  About 125 people evacuated their homes, but luckily, no homes were damaged.

The last reported fire happened in Sacramento.  Fireworks sparked a fire that damaged five outbuildings, ten cars, and six acres of land.