We "Spring Flinged" for a Cause with the John Buck Company

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Boys and Girls ClubF.E. Moran Fire Protection and F.E. Moran, our HVAC division, attended the Spring Fling, an event by the John Buck Company, last month for a cause close to their hearts.  Recently, F.E. Moran Fire Protection donated a portion of a fire protection system to an Indiana Boys and Girls Club, and, in keeping with their bond with the Boys and Girls Club, they sponsored a portion of the Spring Fling -- an event to raise funds for Chicago's oldest Boys and Girls Club. 

The fundraiser raised over $700,000 for the Off the Street Club, Chicago's oldest Boys and Girls Club.

The John Buck Company is a Chicago real estate company that has been reshaping the industry since 1981.  They stay abreast of the latest industry trends while, at the same time, staying committed to their responsibility to the community through sustainable practices and giving back through events like the Spring Fling. 

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