WI Fire Sprinkler Requirement Reverses in 1 Day

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WI Fire Sprinkler Requirement

Madison, WI -- State fire sprinkler requirements took a dramatic change, and then reversed back within hours.

On Wednesday, it was announced that in Madison, WI the fire sprinkler requirements would go from requiring all aparment buildings with 3-20 units to have fire sprinklers to only apartment buildings with 20+ units to have fire sprinklers installed.  This was reversed only hours later.

The reversal came when Governor Scott Walker and the Department of Safety and Professional Services decided it would be best to keep the current standards.

Bill Sullivan, Madison Fire Department, said that the current requirements save lives.

"We go to many fires, actually.  We think we're going to a fire sprinkler activation and come to find out as we're cleaning up, they actually had a fire in a small trash can and the sprinkler system put it out.  The occupants didn't even know they had a fire," said Sullivan.

The requirement change was overturned because 40+ Wisconsin fire chiefs went to the Madison Common Council with proof that fire sprinklers work.

"There would be a major impact from our perspective, because as the economy is growing again and many new apartments are coming back online, being constructed as we speak, there would be a much higher taxation on our services and resources," Sullivan said.

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