Off Duty Firefighter Sees Smoke, Rescues Woman from 3-Alarm Fire

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Off Duty Firefighter Saves Woman | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Nashville, TN -- An off-duty firefighter was riding his motorcycle past an apartment when he spotted smoke billowing from the building.  It was then that he took action.

Off duty firefighter, Chris Schrum rescued a woman from a unit, where, it appears, the fire started. 

The fire grew massive, but firefighters were able to eventually extinguish it.  A total of 16 units were damaged or destroyed in the fire.

One of the families was gone at the time, at a doctor's appointment.  The couple is 39 weeks pregnant, and lost everything in the fire.

"Everything I own is gone now, so that's a little bit frightening when [we have] a baby coming this week," said Tim Watts.  The family's pets were thankfully rescued.

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