Fire Burns Two Apartments & Blows Up Car

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Fire Damages 2 Apartments, 1 Car | F.E. Moran Fire Protection 

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Manchester, NH -- An apartment fire in Manchester on Saturday displaced seventeen people when two buildings caught fire and a car blew up.  Four firefighters were injured while fighting the fire.

The fire started in one building when an improperly disposed of cigarette ignited.  The fire ravaged that apartment and spread to the next building.  That building was a near complete loss too.  The fire then jumped to a third building, but firefighters were able to extinguish it before it caused too much damage to the third property.

The fire then spread to a car, which ignited the gas tank, and it blew up.

"The original fire building has extensive fire damage and it appears it is structurally unsound.  The second building, the exposure building, is almost a total loss also," said Manchester Fire Chief James Burkush.

One of the firefighters was hospitalized with heat exhaustion, and three others had injuries that were not reported to the media.

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