Family Winery Burns to the Ground

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Charlton, MA -- The Charlton Orchards Farm & Winery was burnt to the ground on Monday, after a fire ignited on the first floor of the winery building.

Family Winery Burns | F.E. Moran Fire Protection 

The business had just turned around.  The owners had just taken the "For Sale" sign down and began turning a profit when this tragic event occurred.  The Benjamin family owned and lived on the farm since 1999.

Late Sunday evening, the Benjamin's daughter, Sarah (19), looked out the window and saw flames shooting from the roof.  She called 9-1-1 and told her parents.  The family then contacted Nathan Benjamin's parents, who also live on the farm, but even closer to the winery.  Everyone got out safely.

The firefighters arrived 20 minutes after the call, and weren't able to extinguish the fire until 12:44am - two hours after the call.  Nathan Benajmin is asking why?  Why did it take 20 minutes to get there?  Why did it take over two hours to extinguish it?  Benjamin said, "Someone has to answer for why [firefighters] let my building burn to the ground."

There is an estimated $100k loss in materials and products and $52k in property.

Firefighters are saying that the building didn't have working smoke detectors or easy access to water.

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