Fire Destroys Historic Inn Housing Artifacts

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A historic inn that was built in 1794 and housed the counties' most priceless possessions was destroyed in a furnace fire.

Historic Inn Destroyed in Fire 

Around midnight, shooting flames could be seen in the furnace room of the Century Inn in Washington County.  The bed and breakfast, tavern, and restaurant had 20 rooms and was built before the  federally funding of National Road began.  

Firefighters arrived at 12:15am to fight the fire, which was discovered by the owner's son, who was visiting (his wedding was planned to be at the inn next month).  He called his mother, who lived at the inn, to get out of the building.  

Firefighters quickly ran out of water and 15 tanker trucks from 9 counties needed to report to the scene for water supply.  By 3:30am, firefighters extinguished the fire.

State Police Fire Marshal Chad Scrip said the fire was accidental.  It started at the furnace and quickly spread through the wood addition on the back of the structure and consumed the interior.  The interior held its own history.  It was made of stone quarried at the site.

The structure was not only an inn, but also a museum.  It housed historic memorabilia such as architecture, antiques, artwork, historic photographs, tools, guns, glassware - and nearly all were destroyed.  As the owner was evacuating, she grabbed the Whiskey Rebellion flag, which is believed to be one of a kind.  Everything else was destroyed.

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