Six MO Fraternities Given Fire Sprinkler Extensions

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Columbia, MO -- The Missouri University fraternities that asked for extensions to install fire sprinklers, have been given the extension until Summer 2016.

Six MO Fraternities Given Fire Sprinkler Extensions | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

 We originally discussed this topic in our post MU Frats Ask for More Time to Install Fire Sprinklers.  We surveyed our readers to ask what they thought.  It was an overwhelming NO.  They should not get an extension.  Well, it seems the Columbia City Council thought otherwise.   

In 2008, the city counsil passed a law that required all fraternities and sororities in Columbia to install fire sprinklers.  Two fraternities at MU - Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Nu - asked for extensions so they could build new houses.  The Columbia Fire Department gave the City Council three options to choose from:  grant a 1-year extension, grant a 3-year extension, or do nothing and let the fraternities lose their permit.

The City Council decided on a 1-year extension, giving them the new deadline of June 1, 2016.  If the fraternities don't meet the new deadline, they will need to contact the fire department for individually tailored plans.

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