Historic Chicago Bowling Alley Burns to the Ground in Kitchen Fire

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Chicago, IL -- It's a sad day in Chicago.  The historic Lincoln Square Lanes bowling alley was gutted in a fire early Monday morning.


Historic Chicago Bowling Alley Destroyed in Fire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection 

Firefighters are investigating what caused this historic structure to burn to the ground only a few minutes after closing for the night.  Fire fighters believe a kitchen grill ignited the fire because when they arrived, they saw flames in the kitchen first.

"They're looking at it," said Larry Langford, Fire Department spokesman.  "That's where the windows were lit up when they arrived.  It's kind of a clue."

 The bowling alley closed at 10pm for the night.  By midnight, staff finished closing up for the night.  Fifteen minutes later, the fire could be seen from the windows.  Firefighters arrived fifteen minutes later.  Twenty minutes after that, the roof collapsed.  It was very fast moving.  At 3am, the fire was extinguished, but the building was gutted.

Lincoln Square Lanes was nearly a century old, the oldest bowling alley in Chicago, and it was recently rehabbed.

The owners left this message on Facebook:   It is with heavy hearts that we bid our customers a saddened farewell. We will cherish the memories you have left us with. It is our hope that this historic alley will remain in your thoughts. The LSL family would like to thank you for your continued love and support as we look forward to the future.

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