A Nightclub Fire in Cambodia Killed 5 Women

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5 Women Die in Nightclub Fire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection | Keywords:  nightclub, fire protection, fire sprinklers 

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- A nightclub fire killed five women who became trapped in one of the rooms and critically injured two men.

A fire ignited in a sound mixing and control room from, what is believed to be, an electrical short circuit.  The fire started at 8pm, about two hours before open.  Only a handful of people were in the establishment.  Two women who worked for the club, three women who worked for a drinking water company that were there for a meeting, and two men who worked for the club were there at the time.  

It appears the women died from smoke inhalation.

It took 23 fire trucks three hours to put out the fire.  This nightclub also had a fire in 2013 that destroyed it and killed three people, including the owner's wife.

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