Massive CA Fire Destroys Homes and Businesses

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California Wildfire Destroys Properties | F.E. Moran Fire Protection | Keywords:  wildfire, fire protection, California 

Middletown, CA -- Two fast-burning fires in California have destroyed 400 homes and businesses and killed one person.  These wildfires are the fastest burning wildfires in decades and left residents fleeing highways that were surrounded by fire. 

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has confirmed that at least one person has died in the wildfires.  This particular wildfire was just north of San Francisco.  It quickly grew in size and overtook 400 homes, 2 apartment complexes, and 10 businesses.   In addition, 1,000 more structures were burned in the fire.

This fire follows another devastating wildfire that destroyed 81 homes. 

Wind gusts reached 30 mph, sending embers raining down on homes and spreading the fire quickly. 

Four firefighters received second degree burns during the initial attack on Saturday afternoon and remain hospitalized.

Continue reading the entire story here at U.S. News.  

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