Bodies are Being Uncovered Following Valley Fire


Anderson Springs, CA -- The Lake County Sheriff's office has confirmed that another body was found, linked to the Valley Fire. 

A heavy rain on Wednesday, helped firefighters get better control of the massive wildfire.  "This has really helped dampen those hotspots, enabling the crews to really get a good days work done to put a solid line around the containment perimeter," said Cal Fire Spokesman David Shew. 

With the fire in better control, a body that was hidden by the smoke and flames was found.  An officer with the California State Park blocked off the road where the body was being recovered on Wednesday.  It was near where Barbara McWilliams, 72, was found dead from the fire when she was unable to evacuate.   

The identity of the body is not being confirmed yet, but Leonard Neft, 69, has been missing since Saturday from the area.  It is believed to be him.  

Another body was found near a recycling center that was surrounded by foliage.  This body is believed to be Bruce Burns, a man who lived in a trailer on the property.

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