5 People Found Dead as CA Wildfires Subside

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5 People Found Dead Following CA Wildfire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

We've been keeping you up to date on the wildfires that have been taking over northern California.  Yesterday, two people were found dead.  Today, that number has jumped to five as the recent rain helped to hamper the wildfire.

This fire has been one of the most destructive fires in California history, which started last Saturday at a shed.   You can see our other articles here ->

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Massive CA Fire Destroyes Homes and Businesses. 

So far, five people have been found to have perished in the fire.  One was a music composer and teacher.  Another was a former newspaper reporter who still enjoyed listening to the police scanner.  While another was a vibrant, retired teacher with MS.  

With cooler weather and some rain, firefighters have now gotten the fire to 35% containment.  It has burned 73,700 acres and has destroyed nearly 2,000 structures.  This fire has been listed as the ninth most destructive fire in California history.  A theory is in place that a tree branch hit a power line and sparked a fire that lit a shed on fire.  That fire then spread rapidly.

Search crews with cadaver dogs are searching for more victims.

"Knowing how fast these fires moved, and how much destruction they left, it would not surprise me if more bodies are found.  We are praying there are no more," said Daniel Berlant, Cal Fire spokesman.

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