Sprinkler Save: Sprinkler Douses HSU Dorm Fire

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Sprinkler Save:  Sprinkler Dorm Fire Extinguished with Fire Sprinklers | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems 

Arcata, CA -- At 7:40pm on Friday, Humboldt State University police received a fire alarm activation at Adler Hall.  At the same time, Humboldt Fire District was also alerted of the alarm.

University Police saw the smoke coming from the first floor of the dorm, and upgraded the alarm to a full fire alarm response.  The first engine on the scene reported light smoke coming from the laundry room on the residence hall's first floor.  After entering the building, they found that a dryer had caught fire, but was already extinguished from the sprinkler system.

"There was heavy smoke in the room, but after we cleared it out, we realized the fire started because of a malfunctioning motor blowing unit inside the dryer," said Fire Captain Nate Padula.

There were no injuries and the housing department is working on getting students back in their rooms.

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