Elderly Man Saved by Recently Installed Fire Sprinklers

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Elderly Man Saved by Fire Sprinklers | F.E. Moran Fire Protection 

An elderly man was sleeping when a fire ignited in his kitchen.  Luckily, the assisted living complex recently installed fire sprinklers.

Two fire engines and ten firefighters responded to the fire at 4pm on Monday.  However, by the time firefighters arrived, the fire was already extinguished.  The smoke didn't even get a chance to reach the sleeping man's bedroom.

The fire set off the fire sprinklers and alarm.  The man was evacuated by staff. 

The fire is believed to have started in a malfunctioning toaster. 

The fire sprinkler system was installed just last year when the London Fire Brigade recommended it.  Neil Orbell, LFB's assistant commissioner said, "This close call just goes to show how vital sprinklers are in care homes and sheltered accomodation - they not only stop fires from spreading, they save lives."

Councilor Alison Butler said, "We invested in these sprinklers to better protect some of our most vulnerable residents, so I am relieved that they did their job and that no one was hurt in this fire."  Continue reading here. 

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