Rhode Island Congressman Introduces a Fire Sprinkler Act

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Rhode Island Congressman Introduces Fire Sprinkler Act | F.E. Moran Fire Protection 

The Station Nightclub fire inspired Rep Langevin of Rhode Island to pursue fire sprinkler code that provides an incentive to businesses for installing fire sprinklers. 

Rep Langevin and New York Congressman Tom Reed have introduced the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act of 2015.  This act will create a tax incentive for property owners to install automatic fire sprinkler systems to their businesses.  The act will change the current tax code and decrease the current depreciation schedule.

Langevin has been passionate about introducing this bill since 2003 when the Station Nightclub fire killed 100 people (you can read about that fire here + see the video coverage from that night). 

There were 1.298 thousand fires in the US last year, according to the NFPA.  Those fires resulted in 3,275 deaths; 15,775 injuries; and $11.6 million in property damages.  A bill like this could greatly reduce those numbers.

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