Sprinkler Save: Cooking Fire Extinguished from Fire Sprinklers

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Fire Sprinkler Activates, Saves Residents and Property | F.E. Moran Fire Protection (source:  www.femoranfp.com) 

Elko, NV -- A cooking fire early Monday morning showcased the importance of fire sprinklers when they activated and saved the lives of residents and property.

An apartment resident was cooking when he fell asleep waiting for his food to be prepared.  A fire ignited and the fire sprinklers activated.  There was minor damage to the microwave, stove, and cabinets.

Residents in the complex were evacuated for an hour.  Everyone, including the resident of the apartment that caught fire, were able to return afterwards.  The apartment had very minor water damage.

"Had this building been an unprotected building, the fire would have likely caused severe damage to the building, displacing all of the residents (and) threatening the lives of the occupants," said Fire Marshal Joshua Carson.

The minor damage could have been far worse had there not been fire sprinklers. 

Read the complete article at Eko Daily. 

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