Firefighter Moonlighting on the TV Show Chicago Med Spots REAL Fire

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Chicago Media Moonlighting on TV Show Set Spots Real Fire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection (source: 

Chicago, IL -- A firefighter who was moonlighting on the Chicago-based Chicago Med TV show spotted a fire while on set and saved the family.

Firefighter Michael Agostinelli was on the set in Kenwood, IL when he smelled smoke and saw a light haze.  He walked a few houses down and saw smoke coming from the roof of a home.  

"I knew it wasn't part of the scene," said Agostinelli, who was working as an on-set medic for cast and crew.  "That wasn't in the, uh, plan, for the day."

Agostinelli saw smoke coming from the roof of a two-story frame home.  "I saw the residents.  I told them I think their roof is on fire, went in, made sure everyone was out of the building, then I called 9-1-1."

Fire crews arrived three minutes later.  The fire had spread to the attic by then and they called additional backup.  The fire went to a 2-11 alarm. 

Agostinelli said he was "just doing my job, doing what I was trained to do.  Nothing major, you know, just making a phone call, making sure everybody's out."  Read the whole story here.