Sprinkler Save: Fire Chief Praises Building Management Decisions in Fire

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Fire Chief

Gardiner Fire Chief Al Nelson is proud to report that a fire sprinkler system knocked down a fire on Water St, near the same location that a 2015 fire destroyed 3 buildings.

Firefighters reported to the building at 2:30am on Tuesday.  They were alerted to the fire from the alarm company.

"They could see light smoke coming from behind the door.  When they opened the second floor apartment door, they saw a fire on the stove, and that's when the building's sprinkler system activated and put out the fire.  It's also when the tenants in the apartment woke up and came to see what was happening," Nelson said.  "The sprinkler system saved lives.  It did it's job." 

The fire sprinkler saved a building that was only a few hundred feet from a building that was destroyed in 2015 by a fire.  "At the press conference after the 2015 debacle, I said had that building had a sprinkler system, there would have been no press conference," said Nelson.

About eight months before the 2015 fire, Royce Watson bought the building where the fire occurred on Tuesday.  He said, "It was a distressed property, and it had a fairly good price, so that enabled me to update the sprinkler and fire alarm system."

The building had four retail units and eight apartments.

The apartment where the fire ignited only had minor smoke damage and the stove had to be replaced.

"I can't thank him enough for his efforts on the sprinkler system.  That saved the bloc!" said Fire Chief Nelson. 

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