Lit Candles Found at the Scene of an Apartment Fire that Killed Hero


Staten Island, NY -- Lit candles were found at the scene of an apartment fire that took the life of a 37 year old who rushed into the building to try and save the tenants.

Caleb Wilder, the 37 year old man who rushed into a burning building to save the tenants, was staying with friends on Staten Island when the fire occured.  He saw the fire and immediately went into the building and tried to extinguish it.  When he couldn't extinguish it, he helped evacuate people from the building.

The fire quickly became an "all hands on deck" situation with 60 firefighters and 12 units called to the scene at 11:52pm.  By 12:36am, the fire was under control.

Firefighters found Wilder unconcious and unresponsive on the sidewalk outside of the building.  He was treated at the scene and then transported to a medical center.  He was later pronounced dead.  

Six other people were injured in the fire. 

An FDNY spokesman said there is no official cause for the fire, and it is being investigated.  Read the original story here.