Sprinkler Save: Preschool Saved by Fire Sprinklers

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Sprinkler Save:  Preschool Saved by Fire Sprinklers | F.E. Moran Fire Protection (www.femoranfp.com) - click here to see the story!

Troy -- The Troy Fire Department reported to a fire at the School Bell Early Childhood Education Center when a fire sprinkler activated.

When firefighters arrived at 6:15pm (building was unoccupied), they found a sprinkler system activated and water coming from a closed window.  Firefighters found smoke coming from the school's kitchen, and the fire was already extinguished.  Firefighters shut off the water and ventilated the smoke. 

An investigation showed that the fire occurred when the stove was accidentally turned on when produce was delivered and placed on top of the stove.

Damage was limited to the stove top and cabinets.  The preschool was able to open for classes on Monday. 

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