Disturbing Trend in Violence Against Firefighters and EMTs

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Disturbing Trend in Violence Against Firefighters and EMTs | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

There has been a recent disturbing trend in violence against emergency crews that report to a scene.  Firefighters and EMTs have been the victims of several attacks.  See the articles here.

1)  Firefighter killed while collecting for charity

A firefighter was collecting money for charity on the road when a driver purposefully hit the firefighter after complaining about traffic congestion. 

2)  Two Ohio firefighters held hostage after responding to brush fire

Two firefighters who were fighting a brush fire were held hostage by rifle.  The man requested negotiators bring, "beer and meds" and indicated that he had " a lot of mental problems."  The negotiation ended with everyone safe. 

3)  2 EMTs stabbed and slashed while providing medical attention in Detroit

2 EMTs were stabbed and slashed on their faces, hands, and arms when they were providing medical care for a woman in Detroit.  The slasher was a male, but the injured female left with him. 

4)   71 Year Old Man Charged with Assault on Firefighter and Police Officer

A 71 year old man assaulted a firefighter and police officer when they arrived to provide emergency medical services. 

Why do you think firefighters are being assaulted? 


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