Meet Nashville's Safest Haunted House!

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Nashville's Safest Haunted House | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Nashville, TN -- The Slaughterhouse was named the safest haunted house in Nashville for following fire protection and other emergency regulations to the T.

The Slaughterhouse was created in an abandoned movie theater.  It's a 2,800 square feet haunted house with possessed demons, dolls, and safety features around every bend.

Stacey Dixon is the proud owner of the haunted house.  She says the perception of fear pushes thousands to the limit every season.  However, this is of course limited by the fire marshal.

"You need to get certified by a certified inspector, and we did that and it was pretty easy and smooth," said Dixon.

You may not notice them, but there are mandated safety markers everywhere.  There are also fire exits, sprinklers, security cameras, and alarms.

"I think people love that feel of excitment, adventure, and then, 'Oh, I got through that.  I'm good,'" said Dixon.

The Slaughterhouse also features licensed operators for special effects.  In addition, the actors will shadow the guests, in case of emergency, to guide them to the exits.

Haunted houses should have the following safety features:

  • Exit signs must be installed at required exit access doorways
  • Pyrotechnic flame effects should be by licensed operators.
  • Emergency communication systems should be installed.
  • Fire sprinklers and alarms should be installed.

Click here to read about the haunted house fire that started these regulations. 


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