Sprinkler Save: Fire Sprinklers Extinguish Apartment Fire

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Fire Sprinkler Saves Apartment from Fire

Rochester, MN -- Officials from the Rochester Fire Department are giving credit to a fire sprinkler system for extinguishing a fire that ignited in a child's bedroom.

The fire ignited sometime before 6pm on Thursday.  Firefighters responded to the fire at 5:54pm when they were alerted by a sprinkler activation alarm.  When they arrived they found an apartment full of smoke, but no flames.  The fire sprinkler had extinguished the fire before they arrived.

An investigation shows that the fire ignited when a lamp tipped over in a child's bedroom and fell on top of combustible materials.  The fire activated two fires sprinkler heads in the immediate area.

"It could have been a significantly larger fire, and certainly done more damage to the building," said Deputy Chief Vance Swisher.

The family that lived in that apartment couldn't sleep there that night due to the water, but it could have been much worse.  See the original story here. 



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