Boy Saved Grandmother from Fire Shortly After Trip to a Firehouse

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5 Year Old Boy Saves Grandmother from Fire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

San Bernadino, CA -- A five year old boy was given an award for saving his grandmother from a fire just two days after attending a field trip to a firehouse.

"Because of Nathaniel and because of his actions, he's alive today, his grandmother's alive today, and Tinkerbell's (their dog) alive today, all because he came to an educational event and listened and took action when he needed to," said Mark Hartwig, San Bernadino County Fire Department Chief.

Saturday morning, firefighters were called to a house fire when a spaceheater caught fire in the five year old's room.  The boy woke from the smoke, saw the fire, and crawled out of the room.  He woke his grandmother and they left the house together.

Crews found Nathaniel and his grandmother outside the home where the crew were told that the family's dog was still in the house.  The firefighters found the dog, rescued it, and extinguished the fire within fifteen minutes.  No one was harmed.

While investigating the blaze, firefighters learned that Nathaniel had gone on a firehouse tour where he learned fire safety just two days earlier. 

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